Eating Clean- Day 15.

Eating Clean or shall I say BLENDING clean! I am going to do a couple day detox from solid foods.

For every meal I am having either a shake or smoothie 🙂 and drinking tons of water and my usual Green Tea Matcha!


Monday 4 Nov

1.50x K farris JJ, inchworms, Sampson lunges, calf mob: 2x positions, front rack mob, tspine SMR

PNF squat stretch

2. Back Squat 5×5 (by feel)
Tempo: 30X1

3. AFAP:

200 double unders
100 tuck crunches
50 power cleans 135/95
25 HSPU C: 6”/4” deficit

WOW the workout is intense today!
I wanted to Incorporate some cardio into the routine but I’m not sure after that.
Plan on doing a long jog later on in the day after I do the WOD!

EAsy Paleo Guide!

I told you I drink WINE but here are some other choices:

Healthier Drinks Infographic


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