10% to a better YOU! Day 10!


For all you juicers out there! 10 Juices on Day 10!



Workout provided by CrossfitRuston here.


1. 20 calorie partner row x 2, PNF squat stretch, Foam roll quads, back/t-spine, ham mob on bands 20-30 reps/leg

Back squat 1×10 light, 1×5 moderate

2. 5×5 speed back squats @ 40-55% (stay light, work technique)
*Rest 90 sec per set

* focus on speed out of hole, not a jumping squat!

3. AMRAP 12

8 Hanging L-hanging leg raises to toes to bar
12 HRPU C: ring pushups
ME Handstand walk (scale to 5 attempts to kick into HS)


Provided by ME!

Today is a long day!

So get out there and run 6 miles! yes!

Easy pace! Focus on your breathing!

IF you feeling froggy after that:

200 meter High paced sprints (5 reps)


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