4 is for More!


A funeral for my fat. lol

  • Today I’m going to focus on Fitness and Diet. I am going to post my Crossfit workout but for those of you that can not do crossfit, I’m also going to post my cardio workout and other strength training you can do from you home:

WOD: here 

Thursday Kettle bell snatch efficiency/core endurance/core strength and coordination

1. 5min easy pace AMRAP: 1x Russian swing, kb high pull, kb snatch (one handed, switch hands after each rep), lax ball on lats, tris, pecs, hip opener x2, tspine mob on wall 30 reps

2. 5” KB snatch test 53/35 (divide reps evenly between arms)

Rest 3 “

ME Plank hold

(time stops when any part of the body besides the hands and feet touches the ground or butt is placed over the head and shoulders)

Rest 3”

10” to find 3RM OHS from floor

**C: ME UB muscle ups


Two miles!

In these two miles, if you are at a track sprint the straights and walk the curves.

If you do not have access to a track,

  • sprint for 15 seconds and walk for 30.
  • 8 rounds then have a big rest. approx 3 mins.


Zucchini Ribbon Salad

Full instruction on this dish can be found here. But this is so yummy!!!

Zucchini Ribbon Salad - Proud Italian Cook


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