Day 2

Day 2

Inspire people…


FOOD: of the day! is Turkey Tacos! {}

Mexican Turkey Taco Salad


Work out of the Day (WOD)

Tuesday Callisthenic endurance

1. 2 rounds: 200m run, 10 pullups/pushups/situps/squats, psoas/QL SMR, T spine roll out/lax ball 2”,  lax ball on plantar fascia, calves, hamstring mobility 15-30/side, anterior tibialis SMR, quads/glutes SMR

(take 20-25 minutes and work through mobility)

2. 2 minute max effort


1 min rest


1 min rest


1min rest

*for pullups, 2 scores: count a MAX UB (as long as you hang from bar) then count a total in 2 minute window.

3. 4” each side Couch Stretch

Rebuke satan and his demons to their evil dirty filthy hell.  Enjoy the LOVE of GOD's glory which guards you always and for eternity.   LOVE JESUS CHRIST the beautiful savior as much as he adores and loves you.

“the Lord will fight for you; you need only be still” – exodus 14:14


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