Day 1 of 100

Hi, let me start off by introducing myself…my name is Tierra Ashton. The name TheHeartCloset came from an idea I had to begin a non-profit organization and the name has just stuck. I love it and I still hope to one day establish the non-profit. But until then…you’ll learn more about me as this goes on 🙂


YOU can become better physically (athletically) 1% for 1 everyday…So having said that i thought to myself, WHY NOT START A 100 day challenge to better myself 100%!!!?!??

If I can better myself in the fitness spectrum, why not apply it to the mind and spirit? In hopes of becoming a more well rounded person…

Things I WON’T be doing:

  • giving up red wine
  • preaching on how to be skinny
  • making up a fad diet
  • PREACHING at all!
  • showing you how to become RICH
  • showing you step by step workouts

Things I WILL be doing:

  • drinking red wine…in moderation
  • aiming to be healthy not skinny
  • I eat clean so I’ll just show you what I do…PALEO is a good way of eating!
  • passing on inspiration
  • I’m not rich! I’ll share ways to budget as I go along.
  • Share my daily activity. How I “fit” Fitness into my life. I love crossfit and cardio!


Day 1 Workout: (Crossfit) I got to crossfit Ruston


1. 40 calories on Rower/Airdyne, PNF squat stretch, Barbell on shoulder 10-15/side, Ham mob 15-30/leg

Hip opener as needed in between warm-ups. Perform psoas SMR w lax ball before deadlift.

Back squat 1×10 light, 1×3 heavy

2. CF Total




*make three attempts at each lift (after warmup sets), know your weights based off previous lifting days and your notebook.

* finish each lift

{If you every have questions about how to do workouts or what the abbreviations mean you can go to }

Don't wait until everything is perfect...that day will never come. Do what you can with what you have and get started!


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